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Why consider donation

In short, donating your birth tissue can save lives – and it won’t change a thing about your delivery. Instead of being discarded with medical waste, the tissue is instead recovered and repurposed, often resulting in more than 100 grafts that can be used to help patients in need. With a remarkable ability to heal, birth tissue is used to treat burns, mend wounds, aid in surgery and recovery, and more. It’s an invaluable gift that only you can give and one with the power to make your baby’s birth that much more meaningful.

We have been working with Sierra Donor Service (SDS) for about 3 years. Their staff are professional, caring and very easy to work with. Integrating them into our routine was simple and straightforward. Our nurses and Techs love working with them. It is so amazing what can be done with a placenta to help so many other people. The service they provide really make a difference in people’s lives.

OR Coordinator, Labor & Delivery
Renown Health | Reno, Nevada

Have you donated or received birth tissue?

Safe and simple

Birth tissue donation poses no risk to you or your baby and requires no extra effort, costs or surgical procedures. Instead of being needlessly discarded with medical waste after delivery, the birth tissue is recovered in a sterile manner and transferred to a SDS professional for packaging, labeling and transportation to a facility where precious, life-enhancing grafts are made. It’s just one more step with the power to heal many.

How to prepare for donation

  • Make the decision to donate. Gifting your birth tissue is a selfless act with the power to improve and, in some cases, save lives. You’ll be joining countless women who have made the same generous choice!
  • Contact our team. We’ll set up a time to talk you through the birth tissue donation process. But don’t fret—we’ll be with you every step of the way to make the experience simple and stress-free.
  • Relax. Now, your only job is to give birth! After your baby is born, your health care providers will recover the birth tissue and relay it to our specially-trained staff to prepare for transport.

Frequently asked questions

What happens to my birth tissue if I don’t donate?

Unless your doctor requests or requires additional testing of the birth tissue, it will be discarded as medical waste.

What tests are run on my blood, and will I get the results?

Your blood will be tested for infectious diseases such as: HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis. If any results are reportable per public health standards, your doctor will be notified and provide further follow-up with you.

Will I know who receives transplants from my birth tissue?

No. Much like other forms of tissue donation, the gift of birth tissue donation is given anonymously to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

Is there any risk to me or my baby?

Not at all. Your birth tissue will be removed in the same way and at the same time (after your baby is delivered) as it would if it were not being donated. There is no additional procedure involved for the donation of your birth tissue.

Will there be any additional costs if I donate?

Absolutely not. The minimal supplies needed for recovery and transportation of your birth tissue are covered.

How will you obtain my birth tissue after delivery?

The birth tissue is removed through the same surgical incision used for your C-section. After your baby is born, your health care providers will recover the birth tissue and relay it to our specially-trained staff to be prepared for transport.

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