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A baby’s first day is an amazing gift – and birth tissue can be just as miraculous. Through donation, the tissues that are typically discarded after delivery can be safely used for patients in need, promoting healing, treating burns and, in some cases, saving lives. Whether you are an expectant mother, an OB/GYN or a hospital considering offering birth tissue donation services, we at SDS are here to support you on this life-changing journey.

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A Mother’s Gifts Can Be Miraculous

  • Placenta
  • Amniotic membrane
  • Chorionic membrane
  • Umbilical cords

Safe for mother and baby

Rest easy – birth tissue donation requires no additional surgical procedures and poses no risk to the mother or her baby. Instead of being needlessly discarded after delivery, birth tissue is instead repurposed as a gift, helping as many as 100 people heal from burns, diabetic foot ulcers, corneal disease, and other debilitating injuries. There are no extra costs associated with donation, and donation is completely voluntary.

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Donation in detail

Explore our digital brochure to learn even more about the healing potential of birth tissue, the donation process and how you can participate.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens to birth tissue if it’s not donated?

Unless a doctor requests or requires additional testing of the birth tissue, it will be discarded as medical waste.

Is there any risk to the mother or the baby?

Not at all. Donated birth tissue is removed in the same way and at the same time (after the baby is delivered) as it would if it were not being donated. There is no additional procedure involved.

Are there any additional costs to donate?

Absolutely not. The minimal supplies needed for recovery and transportation of birth tissue are covered.

Are birth tissue transplant donors or recipients disclosed?

No. Much like other forms of tissue donation, the gift of birth tissue is given anonymously to protect the privacy of all parties involved.

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