­­­­An Extraordinary Commitment to Science, Health, and Hope

Sierra Donor Services (SDS) serves nearly four million people in California. We are an exceptional team of professionals dedicated to saving and improving lives by connecting organ and tissue donations to the patients who need them. We strive to extend the reach of each generous donor’s gift to those who are always profoundly grateful for them.

Core Values

SDS operates in an ethically and financially responsible manner to conserve scarce resources and to ensure public trust.  Our performance is measured by the impact we have on the lives of families who make transplantation possible, and the patients whose lives are saved and improved by their gifts. Each SDS employee commits every day to be:

  • Selfless

  • Hardworking

  • Passionate

  • Dependable



Working with donor families gives me meaning. Working here at Sierra Donor Services is more than a job, it’s my vocation.