Lacey Wood

Lacey Wood: Avid Kings’ Fan, Basketball Player, Student Body President, Snowboarder, Heart Transplant Recipient Heart transplant recipient, Lacey Wood of Fairplay, (near Placerville) moves in one mode – full speed ahead – not wanting to waste one minute of her second chance at life. At 18 months old she received the heart of a 22-month-old


In the six months Kyla waited for a life-saving transplant, she recalls having “no energy for school, work, or any of the activities that I normally did.” At 15 years old, Kyla’s kidney function had deteriorated severely and her body required dialysis three times a week – a process that was hard on her body

Kris Tudesko

Kris Tudesko was living her life like most of the rest of us – with no major health problems back in August of 2000. But, then, for a reason even the doctors couldn’t explain, Kris became very ill and suffered liver failure. Kris kept working at her job as an Administrative Assistant with the Elk

Kim Farias

It was during her sixth month of pregnancy at just 34 years of age that Kim Farias of Roseville, a former sales rep for Hershey Chocolate, discovered she had a deadly heart condition – cardiomyopathy. One month after her diagnosis, Kim and Norm Farias’ baby girl was born – 11 weeks prematurely at just 2

Jill Thorne

Never underestimate the power of one giving heart. In fact, one heart given to Jill Thorne when she was just seventeen years old has brought life to not one, not two, but three people. Heart transplant recipient Jill Thorne recently gave birth to her second child, Nolan Hunter Thorne. Nolan’s big sister, Leah and his


For more than seven years, JePahl endured dialysis treatments three times a week, leaving him exhausted and putting his future on hold. His father had suffered from the same kidney disease so he understood the struggle he faced. Too weak even to walk across a parking lot to see a movie with his brothers, he


My name is Helen and I’m a ‘Puzzle Baby.’ Twenty-three years ago I was born with VATER’S Syndrome. My internal organs were all mixed up. Doctors had to connect them during countless surgeries, including open heart surgery at the age of four. We always knew a kidney transplant was ahead for me. The day after

Elizabeth Arteaga

Elizabeth Arteaga of Sacramento says she has a guardian angel – her donor. Elizabeth is in her mid-thirties, but already she has experienced more challenges than most will face in a lifetime.?In 1995, Elizabeth was diagnosed with renal failure. She went on the national waiting list for a kidney, but waited four long years. Near

Chip Atkin

Chip Atkin’s only child, Trey, became an organ donor after he died in a freak accident as he was running at a birthday party two years ago. A gust of wind felled a huge tree limb that killed the 11-year-old boy. “Trey, our only child, was the light of our lives,” says Chip, of Petaluma.

Catalina Aguinaga

Catalina “Cat” Aguinaga of Sacramento loves her job with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office as a Restitution Assistant. Cat helps victims of all misdemeanor crimes by giving them information regarding the losses they have suffered. Her office is also involved in the U.S. Health and Human Services’ donor awareness initiative, Workplace Program for Life.