Lacey Wood

Lacey Wood: Avid Kings’ Fan, Basketball Player, Student Body President, Snowboarder, Heart Transplant Recipient

Heart transplant recipient, Lacey Wood of Fairplay, (near Placerville) moves in one mode – full speed ahead – not wanting to waste one minute of her second chance at life. At 18 months old she received the heart of a 22-month-old boy after a virus attacked her heart. Now the teen snowboard dynamo attacks the ski slopes with finesse, and competes annually in both the winter and summer transplant Olympic games.

Lacey is the student body president at Mountain Creek Middle School. She’s a drummer in her school band and also plays on the school’s volleyball and basketball teams. And like any other teenaged girl, she loves boys and makeup.

“They call me ‘Lucky Lacey’,” says Lacey. “Because I got a second chance. A donor family decided to give life, and because of that I now get to do all the things kids my age enjoy. I want to do everything possible, because I don’t want to waste any of the time I’ve been given. I am lucky, and I will do everything I can to make sure others get the same chance at life as I have been given. I tell everyone how important it is to be a donor. It really is about giving life.”

Lacey now speaks to school groups about organ donation, and is one of California’s strongest advocates of establishing a statewide donor registry.