In the six months Kyla waited for a life-saving transplant, she recalls having “no energy for school, work, or any of the activities that I normally did.”

At 15 years old, Kyla’s kidney function had deteriorated severely and her body required dialysis three times a week – a process that was hard on her body and lowered her quality of life.

Fortunately, her father was a match, and was able to donate a kidney to Kyla when she was 15. Later, when she was 22 and in need of another transplant, her mother was a match and was also able to donate a kidney.

“There are so many lessons that I have learned in the process of both of my transplants,” said Kyla, ” One of them was the value of my life. I had to learn at a young age that life is precious; count your blessings.”

Although Kyla considers herself “lucky to have relatives who were a match and were able to donate a kidney – I know others aren’t so fortunate.”

“I volunteer as a Donate Life Ambassador for the thousands of people who die waiting for a life-saving organ. Since my transplants, I have become an avid traveler. I have been to the Philippines, Australia, and all over Europe and will be in the Caribbean this summer. I am able live freely, like I did before I ever got sick. The best part about my transplants is being in a community of miracles.”