Jill Thorne

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Never underestimate the power of one giving heart. In fact, one heart given to Jill Thorne when she was just seventeen years old has brought life to not one, not two, but three people.

Heart transplant recipient Jill Thorne recently gave birth to her second child, Nolan Hunter Thorne. Nolan’s big sister, Leah and his new proud dad Scott were there to welcome him. The family, has this to say about the donor and his family who made these three miracles possible.

“I obviously cannot thank them enough,” says Jill. “I hope that people can understand that everyone has the power to make many miracles come true – by becoming an organ donor.”

Jill received her life-saving heart transplant in June 1990, when she was 17 years old. She was born with a heart that had two chambers instead of four. After a childhood full of surgeries and sickness, Jill’s heart transplant finally brought her health. She graduated from Placerville’s El Dorado High School with honors in 1991 and from California State University, Sacramento with a criminal justice degree four years ago. After holding down a full time job, she married Scott Thorne, a land-development manager in October 2000. She had her first child, Leah in 2004. And now, there’s Nolan.

Jill sums up her three blessings by saying, “I just hope that our story will help people consider organ donation and know what a great gift it is.”