Richard M. McGlumphy

In Memory of Captain Richard M. McGlumphy, USAF Retired

Captain Richard M. McGlumphy was my husband, my soul mate, my best friend, the other half of me, and my Everything. Rich was a fighter pilot in Vietnam, a Corrections Officer at Folsom Prison, a Harley guy, and a Porsche race car driver and instructor. He loved life and he loved me.




McGoo My Love

You are and were my Everything
Me and You
You and Me
God gave us time together
To love each other
To live our lives together
To entwine our souls together for Eternity
Loving you brought me the joy of my lifetime
I treasure your love and memories of our life together
Losing you brought all-consuming emptiness
Now sorrow clings to me
I long for your touch, your smile, your loving ways
Oh to have your blue eyes gaze into mine but once more
How will I go on without you
Watch over me my Love until we are together again