Max John Krieg

September 18, 2005 – December 2, 2010

Max was remarkable. A loving son and brother, he adored his sister and looked up to her. They were best friends. Max was thrilled by school. He could hardly wait to get home to his art table to recreate everything he’d learned. If he wore his Santa suit in October and anyone made fun, he would thank him. On his last report card, his kindergarten teacher noted his kindness; ‘I love Max,’ she wrote. He was confident and outgoing. He cared and stood up for others courageously. Laughter and hugs were his trademarks. Every minute with his family mattered, as did Dad’s special treats. The garden fascinated Max, pumpkins, particularly. He fished, swam, skied, snow shoed and kept up on every hike. We love you, Max.