Kayla Christine Ibarra

September 8, 2004 – April 1, 2007

Our daughter was a very special gift from GOD, beautiful, happy, energetic and healthy. With 5 boys it was my husband’s goal to have a princess in dresses all the time. Kayla’s plans were to wear pants and t-shirts to play with her brothers and do boy-things like sports, video games and getting dirty. Daddy compromised and dresses were worn every Sunday. I got in trouble for letting her help fix things around the house (LOL) she just wanted to help and be part of everything. She also loved to have tea parties, playing with her dolls. She loved the park and swinging with her cousin Clarissa at grandma’s house. She and dad would have quiet Sunday mornings just the two of them making breakfast. I loved how she would say “I love you too MOMMY” before I even said it to her. We are so grateful for our many memories and lessons she taught. She is greatly missed now more than ever, but I know though she is beyond my ears to hear and arms to hold she is never beyond my heart to love and remember. Her death has brought all of us closer to GOD and that is what I believe was her great purpose. As I found out last year her heart valves saved two small children, They are alive still today because of her. It gives my heart great joy in knowing this. It’s your turn to watch over us!

Save a Place for us Sweet Angel