Jack Wallace Smith

August 8, 1926 – January 4, 2010

Jack was a very happy man, content with his life in Grass Valley. He was born in Haviland, Kansas. He graduated from high school in Crawford, Colorado. Jack joined the Army in 1945. As he was heading for Germany, the war in Europe ended. As he was on ship sailing to Japan in August, that war also ended!

After World War II, Jack settled in San Mateo until 1984. He moved to Grass Valley in 2005.

Jack worked in the grocery business and became a business agent for the Retail Clerks Union. His interests included U.S. and Civil War History. As an active Democrat, Jack was a delegate to the 1974 Democratic Convention, and in 1982 was the Democratic candidate for the 20th Assembly District. He was a docent for the Folsom Powerhouse, enjoyed National Parks, and he visited all 50 States as well as several foreign countries. Jack and his wife enjoyed dancing with the Franklin Dance Club in Yuba City.

I love you, Jack.