George Erwin Brown

October 21, 1935 – September 22, 2011

A beloved son, husband, father, grandfather, friend, and human being. Marine, Veteran American, German, and loves and works hard for his family. Married 48-years and always together. Was an automobile technician in San Francisco, Big O’s Dealer, General Motors Cadillac, Chevrolet. Loves to read astrology, science, and mechanics. When we were younger, he loved to go to the October Festival with the family and polka dance. He died unexpectedly.

We love him forever. We love him and we are very proud and blessed to have had him as a part of our lives.

Your wife misses you, as well as your children, grandchildren and friends. We love and honor you forever. God bless you for everything.

Love your wife,
Nydia Brown