Bettie Mae Leckemby

December 7, 1934 – September 27, 2010

My grandma was not your ordinary cookie baking, cheek pinching, let you do what you want kind of grandma. My grandma was all about a coke and a smoke. She had a sharp tongue, stubborn personality, and a loud snore that is missed. She loved basketball. I miss her yelling at the television. I guess she didn’t know they couldn’t hear her.

She was giving person, so it didn’t surprise me that she donated skin. I remember stopping to pay the firemen who stood on the side of the road to raise money. Her eyes always lit up as she dropped the money inside. I don’t know if she was donating money to help burn victims or to have the opportunity to just flirt with the firemen.

I love you. Rememberto behave for Jesus.