Two Young Transplant Recipients Don Pink Dot Crusader Costumes for Superhero 5K Run/Walk on Father’s Day

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Liver Transplant Recipients, Four-Year-Old Luca Salcone and 14-Y ear-0ld Connor Cheney to Compete in Superhero Race

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SDS Employees Get Read for Pink Dot Crusader 5k Run/Walk

It seems fitting that four-year-old Luca Salcone, of Folsom, and 14-year-old Connor, of Penryn, will be Pink Dot Crusaders for a day, as it was the super power of organ donation that provided them with life.

Both were infants when they were diagnosed with life-threatening liver diseases. Connor received his life-saving liver transplant at just four months old, and Luca got his at a year and a half.

“Luca is an inspiration and a fighter,” says his father Chris Salcone. “And of course, he loves his superheroes.  He, his mother and I want to run this race to promote organ donation, because we are so very grateful for this unbelievable gift.”

Connor’s mother, Heidi, echoes those thoughts. “We are so thankful to Connor’s donor.  Fourteen years ago – that generous person gave five people the gift of life.  Because of Connor’s donor, he is headed for high school this fall.  Connor’s donor is our Superhero!”

A dozen Pink Dot Crusaders will participate in the Superhero 5K Run/Walk**, on Sunday, June 16.  The race begins at 8:00 a.m. on the north side of the Capitol between 8th and 9th streets. The Pink Dot Superheroes will meet before the race at 7:50 a.m. at the fountain between Capitol and the starting line – under a tall sign that reads, “Pink Dot Superhero Team” on one side and  “Become a Superhero Today” on the other side.

“Donors truly are superheroes – in that they have the power to transform countless lives,” says Monica Johnson, Executive Director of Sierra Donor Services.  “One donor can save up to eight lives as an organ donor, and enhance another 50 lives as tissue donors.  We urge everyone to be a hero for life, and join California’s nearly 10 million registered donors.  What better super power is there than to give the gift of life?”

Johnson encourages everyone to sign up by visiting  today, or sign up through the DMV when getting a drivers license.