Placerville Teen Donor to Be Honored on Donate Life Rose Parade Float

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Image of 17-Year-Old Scott Santana to Be Viewed by Millions

 (Placerville/Sacramento) The parents of seventeen-year-old Scott Santana say what set him apart was his uncanny gift of bringing sunshine to everyone on even their darkest days.  He was generous, and in fact, following a trip to Australia, Scott’s one desire was to make a difference in the world — a world which he suddenly realized was much larger than his small town.

On May 17, 2011, following a fatal car accident, Scott Santana did make a difference in the world and bring the light of hope to six people, when he became an organ donor. As a registered donor, he also brought the gift of sight to two people and improved the lives of countless others as a tissue donor.

“On the day we received the worst news of our lives, six other families were getting the best news of their lives,” says Scott’s father, Rich Santana.

On New Year’s Day, the positive difference Scott made in the lives others will be honored when his “floragraph” picture is displayed on the 2013 Donate Life Rose Parade Float for millions around the world to see.

Prior to that, on Monday, December 10 at 10:30 a.m., Scott’s mother, father, sister and friends will come together at Sierra Donor Services (1760 Creekside Oaks Drive, Suite 220, Sacramento, 95833) to put the finishing touches on Scott’s floragraph – a memorial portrait created with organic materials.  Scott’s will be one of 72 memorial floragraph portraits placed on the float, depicting loved  ones whose donations of organs, eyes and/or tissue saved and healed those in need.

“Our son will forever live on – not only in the memories of the people he knew, but in the lives he touched through his donation,” says his mother, Deanna Santana.  She, too, was forever changed by his decision to give life as a registered donor, and now serves on the staff at Sierra Donor Services, the organ and tissue recovery agency.

Deanna says her son Scott was an exceptional young man who lived every moment to the fullest.  She says he was adored by his friends and family because he was genuinely funny and kind.

“Scott saw no boundaries in his friendships and he had friends in every group,” says Deanna.  “In the days following his accident hundreds of stories were told to us of his ability to make others smile.   There were many people –friends, family and teachers — who looked forward to a ‘Scott Sighting’ just to make their day complete and all who knew Scott still miss that smile today.”

Fittingly, the Donate Life float in the 124nd Rose parade is entitled “Journey of the Heart,” keeping with the parade theme of “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” derived from Dr. Seuss’s book.

Donate Life urges viewers to follow Scott Santana’s lead and take their own “Journey of the Heart,” by joining America’s 105 million registered donors so everyone whose life depends on a transplant can have one.

Sign up today by visiting or sign up through the DMV when getting your drivers license.