Sign-up for California’s Pink Dot Plate


Sierra Donor Services is pleased to participate in the effort to sign-up Californian’s for a Pink Dot Plate!

Charlene Zettle, Donate Life California CEO, recently announced the “Donate Life Pink Dot” at a press conference earlier this year that was held at the California state capital.  The plate was co-sponsored by the California Highway Patrol. 

Sign-up here for your Pink Dot Plate!

Two of our very own, Monica Johnson (Executive Director) and Tracy Bryan (Director of PR), are on the board of directors that helped make this a reality for the state of California! Other board members include Lisa Stocks, Cindy Sjelstrom, Sharon Ross (Director of PR at Lifesharing in San Diego), Cathy Olmo (Director of PR at CTDN), Bryan Stewart and Tom Mone.

Pink Dot Plate CA